SVTFOE favorite spells

Star vs the forces of evil has recently aired its final episode and I have to admit, it went down smoothly but part of me want to end the show with an epic battle but “Cleaved” will do. It’s a shame they have to end such animation when it can still offers a lot. These are the spells from this show that makes it a lot more appealing, as it presents so much artistic value.

The Spell With No Name

“I call the spell which has no name,
My mother’s gift with which she reigned.
Eclipse my heart with rightful power,
Stand before the queen and cower.”

The Whispering Spell

“Break the bond,
Tear the fabric.
Cleave the stone,
Stop the magic.”

The Darkest Spell of Moon the Undaunted

“I call the darkness unto me,
From deepest depths of earth and sea.
From ancient evils unawoken,
Break the one who can’t be broken.
To blackest night, I pledge my soul,
And crush my heart to burning coal.
To summon forth a deadly power,
To see my hated foe devoured.”

The Spell to Reverse the Solarian Effects

“Return the power paid in blood,
Your essence now restored.
Revoke the strength that comes and floods,
And rest forever more.”

The All Seeing Eye

“I summon the All Seeing Eye,
To tare a hole into the sky.
Reveal to me that which is hidden,
Unveil to me what is forbidden.”

Star vs the forces of evil

How do you like these spells? I really wish they would revive the show.

photo credit goes to the owner.

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